Electronic Sponsor Panels

Electronic Sponsor Panels

Electronic Sponsor Panels

Turn your scoreboard into a revenue stream! Smartronics Electronic Sponsor Panels are the perfect addition for organizations looking to create funding opportunities at sporting events.

This revolutionary messaging solution is the ultimate way for your customer to begin effectively communicating with their spectators. Smartronics Electronic Sponsor Panels allow your client to sell multiple sponsorship packages to various businesses – leaving them with virtually endless profit potential. Game messages (“TOUCHDOWN”, “LET’S HEAR SOME NOISE”) can also be easily programmed, adding excitement to all sporting events.

Smartronics’ Electronic Sponsor Panels are engineered to install with minimal effort on ANY scoreboard. The innovative design is perfect for a new scoreboard installation, or it can even replace an existing static panel on the top or bottom of a previous scoreboard installation.

Your client needs their message to be read “loud and clear” - and nothing ensures this more than Smartronics Electronic Sponsor Panels!


Wireless Controller
  • 66-key 900 MHz wireless keyboard controller
  • Full ASCII character set (upper and lowercase letters, plus symbols).
  • 5x7 pixel matrix for each character. Fixed width font.
  • Displays one message at a time on the board (10 pages per message).
  • Hold and blink motion types with adjustable message duration and blink rates.
  • Displays time in 12- and 24-hour formats.
  • Optional temperature probe displays degrees Fahrenheit and Celsius.
Electronic Sponsor Panels

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